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acreom is a personal actionable knowledge base. Capture notes, create projects, link PRs and issues, and track progress in a lightweight interface.

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Say Goodbye To Context Switching

All your personal notes and tasks alongside your team issues and PRs in one place you will enjoy using.

Markdown pages for everything

Markdown for every issue or a piece of knowledge base. Comes with a powerful editor to hold all of your context in one place.

Rich Markdown


Your personal issue tracking made simple. Plan, track progress and quickly access your issues with Projects.

Active Pages

Rich Links

Link external issues and PRs in your personal pages. Access relevant context on hover or open the full detail.



Capture first. Organize later.

Capture notes, tasks, and ideas without the friction of organising. Find and access your data instantly.

My Day

Your daily brain dump and planner in one. Comes with timeline view for your events, overdue tasks and today's agenda.

Quick Capture

Capture notes and tasks anywhere and simply with a keyboard shortcut. Stay in your flow state without leaving the IDE.

Quick Capture

Powerful Search

Find anything quickly with quick navigation, full text search and LLM context search.

Search anything


Lightning fast interface with sub 50ms interactions.

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Custom keybindings for everything. Glide through your second brain swiftly using your keyboard.


Full Data Ownership

Designed for privacy and data ownership. Future-proof with no vendor lock-in.

End-to-end encrypted sync

Markdown pages, including attachments, are encrypted by default with AES‑256 encryption. Only you can access your data.



Powered by Markdown files that live on your disk.

Markdown Document icon


No need for an internet connection. Cloud-enabled vaults get automatically synced when possible.

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acreom is a community driven product. Join our Discord, share your insights, feedback, and become part of the development.

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