Pricing & Plans

Unlimited usage & full control over your data as standard. Supercharge your workflow with sync, integrations, collaboration, and acreom assistant as a Pro.



  • Everything stored as local .md files
  • End-to-end encrypted sync
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Access
  • Apple Calendar & .ics Sync
  • Community Support
No account required.

$6.75 / MONTH*


Everything in free, plus...

  • Github Sync
  • Jira Sync
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • acreom Assistant
  • Page & Folder Sharing
  • #dev Discord Channel Access
  • Priority Support
  • Support Development
1 month free trial.
No credit card required.

$10 / SEAT / MONTH*


  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Dev-team Workspace
  • Dev Integrations
  • acreom Assistant

Compare Plans & Features

Pages & TasksUnlimitedUnlimited
Projects & ViewsUnlimitedUnlimited
E2EE Sync Across Multiple Devices
Page Version History
Page & Folder SharingUnlimited
Jira Sync
Github Sync
Apple Calendar Sync
Google Calendar Sync
.ics Calendar Sync
AI Assistant
acreom Assistant
  • 25 requests per day
  • 50 requests per day
ChatGPT Custom Token
Community and Support
Access to #dev Channel
Priority Support

Q & A

How is acreom different from other tools?

acreom is designed to do 2 jobs well for developers:

  • 1. Managing your day to day workflow.
  • 2. Helping you stay on top of your larger projects you work on. It does it by centralising context in one place designed around your dev workflow.

How can I try acreom?

acreom is very easy to try. It requires no account, and since it runs on local markdown files, you can easily import your data into acreom. If you want to try the cloud enabled features, you will automatically get PRO free trial for 1 month on signing up.

Is acreom future proof?

We have built acreom for full privacy and data ownership. This means you own the software itself as well as your data. Everything you do is stored as Markdown files on your device, the sync is E2E encrypted, and there is no vendor lock-in, which means regardless of what happens to acreom as a company, you will always be in control.

Commercial use

We do not restrict acreom to be used for commercial use. You own the software.

Do you offer discounts for education, nonprofits, or other groups?

Yes, we do! Reach out to us at