Local-first with sync, mobile apps and web access as a standard. Supercharge your workflow with integrations, publishing, collaboration and acreom assistant as a Pro.



  • Local & Cloud Vaults with unlimited usage
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web access
  • .ics calendar sync
  • Templates
  • Community support

$6.75 / MONTH*


  • Google Calendar sync
  • Document publishing
  • acreom assistant
  • #dev Discord channel access
  • Real-time collaboration (coming soon)
  • Priority support
  • Support our development

$8 / SEAT / MONTH*


  • Real-time collaboration
  • Dev-team workspace
  • Dev integrations
  • acreom assistant


How is acreom different from other tools?

acreom is fast, functional and honest. At the core of acreom is a markdown based capture-first organise-later interface that works well with your keyboard and is optimized for speed of capturing and accessing.

acreom is not just a markdown editor nor just a task manager. We believe in combining markdown and tasks really well to streamline your development process. It is versatile enough to be used for creating technical or personal knowledge base, working on projects and tracking progress.

Finally, since we are building this for ourselves we are building it honestly. No vendor lock-in, full data ownership and privacy built on technical decisions rather than a nice sounding marketing.

How can I try acreom?
How private is my data?
How is acreom developed?