Local-first, cloud vaults with web access and mobile apps as a standard. Supercharge your workflow with integrations, publishing, collaboration and acreom assistant as a Pro.



  • Local & Cloud Vaults with unlimited usage
  • Mobile Apps (BETA)
  • Web access
  • .ics calendar sync
  • Templates
  • Community support

$6.75 / MONTH*


  • Google Calendar sync
  • Document publishing
  • acreom assistant
  • Access to R&D Discord channel
  • Real-time collaboration (coming soon)
  • Priority support
  • Support our development

$8 / SEAT / MONTH*


  • Real-time collaboration
  • Dev-team workspace
  • Dev integrations
  • acreom assistant


How is acreom different from other tools?
There is a myriad of great knowledge bases, project management tools and all-in-one workspaces. We still could not find a tool that we would love using as developers, individually and as a team. acreom is simply a lightweight Markdown editor integrated with tasks build for developers.
How do I import my data to acreom?
How private is my data?
Where is the mobile app?