Github issues and PRs in your personal knowledge base

Access and manage your PRs and issues alongside your own Markdown pages. Create rich links inline, get notified of new activity and access anything instantly.

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All context in one place. Build without distractions.

See your personal context in your markdown pages alongside your issues and PRs. Access all linked PRs and dependencies in one place.

Stay in your flow state

Quickly sneak peek into the detail of your PR without visiting Github. See the new activity, make comments and head over to the right place with one click to merge.

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Access reviewing and created PRs instantly with a lightweight overview. Comes with powerful filters and notifications on new activity.

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Simply copy paste a URL of a PR or an issue, or create rich link within the editor to place relevant context where you need it.

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Q & A

How is my data private?

acreom stores all GitHub data on device. acreom only syncs the credentials between cloud enabled vaults.
No issues, PRs or any proprietary data is stored on our servers.

Does it work with github enterprise?

You can link your Github enterprise account as well.

Is it free?

Github integration is a PRO feature, however you can try it out for free with 1 month long free trial.
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