Acreom for mobile

Acreom for mobile provides all the essential features of acreom, optimized for mobile devices.

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar is the main navigation element for the app. It contains the different views - My day and Pages. It also contains a "create button" used for creating Pages (by clicking) and folders (using long press).


The workflow described in How to Use acreom can be fully replicated inside acreom for mobile.

My Day

My Day serves as your daily braindump. You can browse different days and open Smart Review - mobile-optimized version of the Smart Review, using the controls in the header. clicking on the My Day icon while My Day is already open returns you to today.

If you have any Tasks or Event scheduled for the given day, a timeline views is shown on top of the My Day, providing the overview of your day.


You can browse all your Pages, structured into folders. You can also see your pinned Pages and Archive, and access Vault selector and app settings by clicking on the vault name in the header.

Long-pressing a page opens the context menu which enables some extended actions - pinning, sharing, archiving, or viewing the page info.

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