What are Views?

Views are efficient organizational tools, allowing you to store a set of filters to access specific pages quickly. They offer convenience when simplifying tasks and adaptability to suit your needs.

Pre-configured Views


Out of the box, acreom provides you with 3 default Views:

  1. Active: This view allows you to manage your work on a project-level by displaying pages with a status.

  2. All Pages: The All Pages view shows all your pages, providing an overview of your content.

  3. Archived: The Archived view shows pages that have been archived, helping you manage older or less relevant content.

Creating a New View


To create a new view, follow these two methods:

  • Method 1:

    • Go to the bottom part of the sidebar.

    • Click on the "New Folder / View" icon located on the right side.

    • Select "New View".

  • Method 2:

    • Click anywhere in the empty space of the sidebar.

    • Choose "New View".

Editing a View


To edit a view, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the View in the sidebar, or open the View and click the three dots next to the title.

  1. From the menu, select "Edit View"

When editing a view, you have the option to modify its name, icon, and the filters the view uses.

Filters and Display Options

acreom allows you to choose what {ages you want to see by filtering. You can filter by the following properties:

  • Label: Labels that are present in the Page

  • Folder: The folder the Page is placed in

  • Has Tasks: Whether the page has tasks, or not.

To apply filters, go to the view, and click the settings icon in the top-right corner.


You can also configure how you want to see your Pages, using the following display options:

  • Group by: Group Pages by status, or folder, or don't group

  • Sort by: Sort Pages by Updated at, Title (alphabetically), Created at, or Manual (sidebar order)

  • Show Tasks: Whether to display tasks alongisde the pages for a quick overview.

Managing Views


You can manage your default and custom views from the Sidebar settings in the following ways:

  • Reorder Views

  • Select what Pages to hide in the Sidebar - here you have the option to hide pages with different properties from the sidebar.